Our top-of-the-range finishes

From materials and decors to racks, we offer an infinite choice of finishes. A Avintage Sur Mesure made-to-measure wine cellar is the most beautiful setting for your wine.

It’s the choice of French excellence and top-of-the-range finishes.

Our different racking models will enable you to create the cellar that meets your expectations. Whether you're looking to optimize storage or showcase your wines, we've got the solution. Sliding shelves and racks for storage, inclined, transverse, collection or Wine by One shelves to showcase your bottles.

  • Inclined
  • Transversal
  • Wine by One
  • Sliding
  • Rack / lattice
  • Mixed layout

Wine conservation has always been a complex subject. Wines are often kept in natural cellars, but specialists say that natural cellars rarely have the ideal conditions for conservation. And yet, for wine to improve, it's important to create optimal conditions. At Avintage Sur Mesure, our different systems reproduce the ideal conditions for storing or serving your wines at the perfect tasting temperature.

  • Static or ventilated cooling
  • Integrated or remote unit
  • R134A refrigerant
  • Customized evaporators

At Avintage Sur Mesure, the finishing options for our wine cellars are endless. All our structures are made of wood, the most suitable material for preserving wine. As for the finish, there's a choice: raw, painted or dressed - find the one that best matches your decor.

  • Rough or brushed wood
  • Natural varnish or paint on wood
  • Wood or metal veneer
  • Brushed or mirror-polished stainless steel
  • Epoxy paint on stainless steel
  • 3 shades of brass
  • Other finishes according to your samples

Accessories include hinges, handles and lights. Doors are either surface-mounted with hinges and latch fasteners, or on door units with invisible hinges and hand grips. There's also a choice of finishes: mirror-polished, satin-finish, painted stainless steel, etc. Our cellars feature a key-locking system to guarantee the safety of your bottles.

Lighting is always an integral part of the project, and can be provided by ceiling spotlights or strip lighting, but always by UV-free LEDs, generally in warm white. In some configurations, optional backlighting of bottles is possible, particularly on inclined racks and Collection.

  • Surface-mounted or door-mounted doors
  • Latch or grip
  • Key lock
  • Lighting

Welcome to the world of Avintage Sur Mesure

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