Discover our 3 ranges

Whether you are a professional or a connoisseur of fine wines, Avintage Sur Mesure offers 3 models:

Choosing a Avintage Sur Mesure made-to-measure wine cellar means offering your wine the most beautiful setting.

Each Prestige wine cabinet is a unique piece, always made to measure. The motor is located on the outside of the cellar for a sleeker design and reduced noise levels. The bottles are sublimely displayed, inviting you to look and taste. Opt for French excellence and the expertise of our craftsmen.

Design, modern or traditional, our wine cellars offer a showcase for storing, preserving and showcasing your finest vintages.

Cellithèque wine cabinets are also made to measure, but the motor is integrated into the cellar to make them easier to install, especially when no building work is planned.

They are always wall-mounted and can therefore be glazed on 3 sides only. Choose to optimise your storage space with the storage racks or to showcase your wines with the display racks. Opt for French excellence and the expertise of our craftsmen.

The Cellar is a refrigerated cellar where you can enter to choose your wine, or even taste it on the spot.

It can be transparent on 1, 2 or 3 sides to showcase the most prestigious vintages thanks to the display shelves. In this case, the Cellar is mainly used in a room that is visible to everyone.
It can also be used to optimise wine storage on sliding shelves, or be a mix of the two.

This space dedicated to wine can be fitted out with serving shelves, storage units or glass racks. Temperature control is the subject of a specific study to meet the criteria of location, size, temperature and ambient humidity. This area is designed to preserve wine at a single temperature for all wines. It requires a space for the installation of the motor outside the cellar.

You can also ask for an existing space to be fitted without temperature control.

Welcome to the world of Avintage Sur Mesure

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